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At CBD online, we stock CBD skin care products in all forms, including creams, lotions, salves, balms, serums, and massage oils.
CBD skin care products mainly differ in terms of consistency, but they aim at delivering the same benefits. Your choice among the different variations comes down to personal preference.

CBD cream has wide-ranging purposes. This product is particularly used by athletes, people who work in highly physically demanding work, and individuals who experience regular soreness.

Besides relieving pain, we have CBD cream for sale that’s specifically meant to nurture and moisturize the skin. Some of these products may also include skin-soothing agents that minimize skin redness, irritation, and blotchiness due to environmental influences.

1.The way you use CBD skin care products is no different from applying other types of non-CBD creams and lotions. The instructions for application will be included in your package, and it’s paramount that you follow them to the latter for optimum results.

2. Although the instructions may vary slightly between brands, the process starts by determining the source of discomfort or pain. Next, you apply the CBD oil cream on the target area as you’d other types of cream.

3. There is no right or wrong answer on how much CBD cream to use. However, we advise starting with a low viable dosage and increasing the dosage gradually until you achieve your optimal therapeutic dose.

How does CBD topical cream work?
Different theories try to explain how the best CBD topical creams work. The most popular school of thought suggests that CBD soaks into the skin when applied topically to supply its anti-inflammatory, soothing, and healing properties to the affected parts. The second theory suggests that when absorbed through the skin, CBD works by firing up the natural endocannabinoids in the body, thus relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

How fast do CBD topicals work?
How long it takes for CBD creams and topicals to relieve joint and muscle depends on several factors. For instance, the dose, percentage concentration of CBD in the product, and how often you apply the cream. Your body’s response to the topical product also matters a lot. Generally, CBD creams and CBD topicals work between 15 minutes and 1 hour- but this may vary between users.

How often should you apply CBD cream?
The label on the product package will explain how often you need to apply the cream. Although this varies from one product to another, most manufacturers recommend using the cream every 3-6 hours.

Where to buy CBD topicals and CBD cream?
CBD Online stocks a gamut of CBD topicals from reputable manufacturers from the USA. From CBD creams to serums, all our CBD skin care products are independently tested and approved to contain no THC. You also benefit from same-day dispatch, free shipping (on all orders), and 14-day money back guarantee.